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Early Childhood Education

Nova Scotia’s Workforce Strategy for Early Childhood Educators


Nova Scotia’s Excellence in Early Childhood Education workforce strategy is grounded in the belief that educated and qualified ECEs are the key to success of high-quality early learning and child care programs. To view the Nova Scotia’s Workforce Strategy for Early Childhood Educators – click here

Pathways to Education

The research evidence is clear that the only way to offer high-quality early learning and child care programs is to rely on the expertise of trained and qualified ECEs. In Nova Scotia, we have over 900 individuals working in child care and pre-primary with no formal training in early childhood development. Earning a diploma in early childhood education not only enhances quality, but it also improves significantly the wages and opportunities available to individuals.
In preparation for the new certification model in 2023, we are providing multiple opportunities for individuals without a diploma or degree to upskill and advance their career. Nova Scotia will work hard to ensure that those interested in beginning a career in early childhood education and those already in the field without formal education will have the supports they need to be successful in reaching their education and career goals.

Career Navigation to support and guide ECEs in their career path

The field of early childhood education in Nova Scotia is constantly changing and evolving. This can make it hard for individuals to determine a career path that is right for them.
Through the services of Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centres, this career assistance will be provided virtually and will support career decision making for ECEs interested in furthering their studies. This will help ECEs develop a career path, establish learning plans, support them in the application processes, and be available to students while they study. Career Navigation will be available to all ECEs currently working in child care or pre-primary looking to participate in one of our Pathways to Education opportunities.

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